Painting by Shadows® – Acrylic Painting Kit for Beginners


Chirpwood Paint by Shadows Art Kits

 Painting by Shadows® is everything paint-by-numbers is...and everything paint-by-numbers isn't. Like a paint-by-numbers kit, you can simply turn your brain off and paint. The results will be just as good and the time spent will be less. But you will be painting – not coloring with paint!

But Shadows kits are also perfect for those who want an acrylic painting kit for beginners. Short, high-quality written instructions are included along with accompanying videos to make learning easy. With a Shadows painting kit for beginners you can practice the five skills for beginning painters as you create your own version of a beautiful licensed work of art from a working artist!

Choose from MultiCanvas kits or Masterpiece kits. Either way you will get a complete acrylic painting kit for beginners that is as easy to use as a paint-by-numbers set.

Paint something you'll actually hang on the wall!