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We produce beautiful prints in-house on our giclée quality wide format printer. From quotes and thoughts we call Notions to serious art and everything in between. 

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"Training wheels for the beginning painter"

Chirpwood Paint by Shadows Art Kits

Everything you need to paint beautiful art, even if you are a beginner!

This video uses the Multi-Canvas kit.  



"On the wall in about a minute"

How To TwoStick

 No tools. No sweat. No problem.



Chirpwood began as a maker of handcrafted art frames. We stood out from the competition by making our own molding from solid native oak and pine. Each frame was hand finished and hand assembled so that no one would mistake a Chirpwood frame for something made in a factory. 

We still make traditional handcrafted art frames, but that’s not all. We also have beginner-friendly paint kits for adults and beautiful art prints for sale.

Our patented TwoStick frames are also handcrafted from native oak and pine. They are finished by hand in the exact same way as our traditional frames. Each handcrafted art frame comes in 10 finishes and every length from 9 to 50 inches!

For the last three years we have also been a printer! On our site you will find an eclectic collection of art prints, including maps, quotes, hymns and thoughts. We will even print your photo if you like.

Paint by Shadows® paint kits for adults are our newest and hottest products. Painting by shadows is, as we say, “everything Paint-by-Numbers is and everything Paint-by-Numbers isn’t." Whether you want to learn a bit about acrylic painting or just want to turn your brain off for a while, our Shadows paint kits for adults are a perfect painting pastime. 

We exist for a purpose, just like you!

One-half of our profit goes to the Bridge2Rwanda scholars program. 

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What Our customers say

I have played around with paint for a while, but never have I had so much fun and learned so much as with a Chirpwood Shadows art kit.

– Jean K.

My Hatch Showprints are very special to me, but they are an odd size. TwoSticks cover every base when it comes to size and color.

– Todd M.

I love maps, always have. I always wanted a map of Tuscaloosa. Now I have one.

– Sean P.

I love The Old Try letterpress posters. Now I swap them out depending on my mood. The TwoStick frame makes that so easy.

– Janie G.