The "Micah" Two-Stick Frame in 3 finishes

The "Micah" Two-Stick frame is an alternative to traditional framing that works well for letterpress, posters, and similar hanging art. Chirpwood’s unique clip system* makes attaching, unattaching, or swapping art literally a one-minute, no-tools task. Go for a wonderful distressed look or choose a sleek minimalist vibe.  

Or, given the price, you might just want a couple of each.  

When choosing the right size for your Two-Stick frame, we recommend purchasing a length that is 1 inch larger that the width of your artwork. 

Patent pending. 

Like all Chirpwood frames, the “Micah" Two-Stick is born of native southern pine and handcrafted in East Alabama. As an artisan product, each frame has minor imperfections and unique grain patterns guaranteeing that no two frames are exactly the same. We believe this sets our frames apart and adds significant value. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your frame, we offer a replacement guarantee.  


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