The "Jeffrey" Picture Frame in 9 Finishes

The “Jeffrey” begins with a rough plank - a plank that still bears the unmistakable mark of the saw blade. Go anywhere in rural America and you will see similar planks on the sides of barns and pump houses and privies.  Sometimes the paint is mostly there. Sometimes it is long gone.  Sometimes bright paint seems to provide a cheer you just can’t get from those citified boards. 
Like all Chirpwood frames, the “Jeffery" is born of native southern pine and handcrafted in East Alabama. As an artisan product, each frame has minor imperfections and unique grain patterns guaranteeing that no two frames are exactly the same. We believe this sets our frames apart and adds significant value. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your frame, we offer a replacement guarantee.
All frames come with glass and wood backing and are ready to be hung on the wall with hardware installed.  If you would like your frame fitted with a peg mount for display on tables or shelves, please indicate in a note at checkout.




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