Randall Bartlett

Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Randy spent his weekends hunting in the swamps of south Alabama, fishing from a pier on Dauphin Island, navigating a canoe on local rivers and creeks. On weekdays he showed up for high school, but wasn’t really interested in learning. By the grace of God he somehow graduated and made his way to Auburn University, where he studied industrial design.

His third grade teacher asked Randy to draw a house on the blackboard. He drew the house using a perspective technique because that is what he saw in his mind. The teacher was looking for a “flat” front view but her request planted the seed for Randy's love of art.

Randy has spent most of his career designing products and teaching industrial design at Auburn University. As a designer and educator, sketching is how he communicates ideas for product concepts and he encourages his students to use sketching as a problem solving and communication tool.

Randy’s interest in painting was rekindled in 2014 and he spent late nights reawakening this passion despite his full-time work as a design educator. Watercolors have always intrigued him and so he began experimenting with different techniques and styles by painting landscapes, especially lakes, rivers and streams.

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