Mary Ann Casey


Mary Ann Casey is a writer, painter, and sculptor from Auburn, AL. She is a mosaic of American cultural heritage which is illuminated through her work. Full of passion and love, her works tell a story that everyone can sense in their own soul. Born and raised in the deep South, her contemporary paintings, both figurative and abstract, connects rural cultures to people and places worldwide. Mary Ann relies on her faith and Southern roots for inspiration, and her belief in the importance of family. Love and faith are themes that run throughout her work. Mary Ann’s work has been displayed throughout the South, including the Wiregrass Art Museum in Dothan, AL, the Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy, AL, and the African-American Museum in Dallas, TX.

In the pursuit of understanding, pure expression is born. Mary Ann’s images are infused with love, encouragement, and understanding; instilling hope, the shoring up of hearts. Each one a petition for forgiveness, the realization of peace and connection. She paints beyond singularity to a place of belonging, and hope is paramount in her life and works.  Her paintings and sculptures reflect collective heritage and seeks to foster understanding of humanity across cultures. Mary Ann’s work moves the participant beyond a surface level to one that provokes healing and inspires self-reflection.

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