Sean Burnley

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Sean Burnley

Sean Burnley was born in Greenville, Mississippi. He spent much of his early childhood in the countryside of the Delta. After graduating from The Art Institute of Atlanta he built a career in advertising and design. 

In Sean's words: "I was laid off in 2009 due to the housing crash but relying on my airbrush skills I began painting custom cars for a living. Later I opened a signs & t-shirt shop which was a struggle to get going. But my biggest life challenge was losing my wife of 25 years. In 2014 all my passion for Art died with her death. I simply found no joy in drawing or painting. Since then, I have been in a slow recovery to regain that spark. In 2017 I remarried to a wonderful woman who is my rock and my inspiration. I’m learning to feel the emotion in Art and explore the colors of a vibrant palette. Like a Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes.

Thank you for your support."

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